New print and greeting card available in my shop

These last few days have been so warm we already feel like summer! I even got out my sandals. It is crazy to think a few weeks ago I still had my winter jacket on.

Anyway, today I would like to show you the new print and greeting card available in my Etsy shop! The idea comes from an image I saw yesterday, and it totally inspired me to make an illustration and a pattern from a poppy flower field. I hope you like it!

You can find the art print here, and the greeting card here.

And as a bonus, here is a preview of next month free desktop wallpaper! I would totally see it as a wallpaper in the entrance of my house, or as a fabric for a scarf for example (more on this at some other time)!

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 23.03.20


Hand Lettering quote

A couple weeks ago, I had the chance to collaborate with the Spanish magazine ‘Mooi Magazine’, and to create the lettering for the back cover of the next issue! I loved to illustrate the phrase with my brushes, although I don’t usually work  with pinks and purples, it is nice sometimes to get out of your comfort zone 🙂


Food and Drink Watercolor Illustration

Painting is one of the things I love the most in the world. It relaxes me, and it feels like all the rest, all my worries, all my surroundings, are vanishing from my perception.
Lately, I have been working a lot on food illustration, and one of the projects I have been working on is a mini-guide of Madrid, similar to the one I made for Paris. These illustrations have been published in an amazing magazine (a REAL paper magazine!) called Mr Wonderful Ideas and I am really proud to be sharing them with you today. I am having so much fun doing this kind of projects!

I hope you will like them!



12 months of patterns

There it is, the calendar I designed in the past weekend with the patterns I made over the past few months. Originally, it was going to be only a present for my dad, but I ended up printing many more sets for my friends, as a way to wish them a Happy New Year in a special way. I enjoyed a lot the process of making this calendar, and I might work on an English version in order to sell it in my Etsy shop. I would love to know if some of you would be interested!DSCF5628DSCF5657DSCF5658DSCF5664DSCF5661DSCF5662DSCF5663DSCF5665DSCF5666 DSCF5632 DSCF5634DSCF5630 DSCF5636 DSCF5639DSCF5640 DSCF5643 DSCF5644 DSCF5646 DSCF5647 DSCF5650  DSCF5651-02

Small and big

Now that the rush of before the holidays have passed, I finally have some more time to put myself at my desk and draw, without feeling guilty because some revisions are waiting for a client.
Later today I am going to print a calendar that I decided to make this weekend for my dad, with some patterns you might have seen here on the blog or on my website. I can’t wait to see it printed! It is always a great pleasure to see the stuff you make printed instead of on a screen.
But in the meantime, I wanted to show you the hand lettering I made from a quote from Carl Sagan. His words always make me feel so small, but so important at the same time. It is difficult to explain without sounding corny!
In a near future, I would like to hand letter more quotes from him and make a sort of series. I feel like his words resonate very loud today, even if he pronounced them some 20 years ago. Maybe this series would expand his work and make them remembered.
Enough words though for now, but I just wanted to explain a bit my thoughts and how i came to choose this quote and not another one. It is so easy now to get a bit lost in this visual culture without paying attention to what’s behind. There’s Instagram for that. But for my blog, I want a bit more.


Handlettering for Self Magazine

A few weeks ago, Self Magazine contacted me to make a custom hand lettering. The January issue is going to be published on December 24th, but i wanted to share a sneak peak of one of the proposals I made. Within one week or so, I will post the final lettering as well as some more proposals I did! I can’t wait to receive the issue!

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 18.30.09

Birdies #2

This week, 3 newcomers in the birdies family! I have posted them on Instagram when I made them, but hadn’t yet on the blog, so here they are! I am trying to bring more life into the background and to incorporate the birds a bit more into an environment, although I also like the other ones with a white background. Which do you prefer, with or without background?

blue-bird pinkbird toucan