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I am Nathalie, graphic designer and illustrator of 28 years old.

Since i was a teenager, i never really asked myself many questions concerning what to do with my career, as it was pretty clear to me I wanted to work in an environment related to art and design.

I always have been fascinated with watercolors and the way colors flow into each other and merge into the paper. Following this approach, i try if it is appropriate to inject this ‘organic’, textured touch in the projects i am working on.

I enjoyed studying in Toulouse developing my style and experiment within various fields like branding, editorial, illustration and photography. The internship i ran at Albin Michel Jeunesse, a famous publishing house in Paris, made my heart beat for editorial and book design.

After graduating from a master’s degree in communication and design in 2009, I started my professional career as a graphic designer in the Netherlands, where i worked in different advertising, publishing and architecture companies. During those years, the projects related to branding and editorial were the ones i enjoyed most. For me, printed materials will always have something more than a nice design on a screen.

Two years ago, I took the step of becoming freelance and started expanding my professional experience working with different local clients as well as big international companies.

In summer 2014, I decided to move to Barcelona, one of the cities with the most creative impulse in the world, to start a new professional challenge and discover a new culture and lifestyle.

If you would like to talk about a project, give some feedback about my work or just say hello, please write to nathalie@studiokalumi.com


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