New illus: modern interior with pink couch

This illustration is quite different in style from what I am used to make, but I’ve been wanting to illustrate this scene for a few days and to do something different. I have seen the image below on Pinterest and this couch just sticks in my mind!

It is my first try at an interior watercolor illustration, so please be kind on me! I am not sure about the colors of it, if they go well together… Sometimes when you are too much into something you can’t get out of it and judge with an outside look.

modern interior with pink couchwatercolor illustration with pink couch


When I finished this illustration, I was thinking about these questions:
– What makes my style mine? What elements are recurring in my work?
– Should I stick to a couple subjects to draw, so that my work is cohesive?
– Who cares what “style” it is, if I made it that’s the important, right?

The truth is I am still in a search for my illustration style, so I am still experimenting with subjects, ways to represent things, etc. And maybe I failed on this one, but well, as they say, it is by failing and doing that you learn!


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