Flowers everywhere

Today, I would like to share a bit more than just the final piece. I am going to share the steps i used to arrive to the final lettering, in terms of composition and colors. That way, you can learn more about my work & thought process.



Step 1:step1


Step 2:
I tried a white ink on black paper to see what it looked like, but i came back to the watercolors because I didn’t think it fitted the quote. I wanted something light. step2 


Step 3:
I took the same quote, but put it in french, just because normally I only do English, so for a change! I tried some different combinations of watercolors and really liked what happened in the words “les voir”, so i kept these colors as reference.



Step 4: 
Another tryout similar to step 3.


Step 5:

I quite like the floating composition of this one, but there are still things that don’t look nice. The words “les voir” is too much on the left and leaves a big white space under “veut bien”. Let’s try to improve that. Of course i could move the words in Photoshop, and i usually do some Photoshop to makes things look more harmonious, but this time, i am going to play the game fully 🙂



Final piece:
I am quite happy with this final composition and colors, so I stopped there. Of course, you can always make everything better and perfection it, but it is also nice to be able to stop at some point. lettering-fleurslettering-fleurs-square closeup


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