The Universe is Grand

Do you remember the Carl Sagan’s quote i posted here a week ago? Well, I started to have the feeling that there was something missing to it. So i tried a couple things out to add a bit of atmosphere to it and make it less like an ‘out of the blue’ piece. I wanted to emphasize the quote with some illustration, but not make something dramatic. Here is what i came up with:

Paris-+-quote Skyline-+-quote

I am quite happy with the first one, but i am curious about what you think!


2 thoughts on “The Universe is Grand

  1. I ran across your tutorial on the gold foil effect and began exploring your site. I really enjoy your work. I like the tactile feel your watercolors and textures have. I use quotes I find interesting to form passwords and for my latest ones, I used this quote from Carl Sagan. Some serendipity at work I think. I also like the first illustration the best. Although I don’t get the feeling of the quote from either one. For me, I would like to see more that makes me think of discovery and a connection to Dr Sagan’s work. Maybe form the stars into a constellation. Show someone reading in one of the windows. Again, I enjoy your work. I hope you have plans for a 2016 calendar.


    • Hi John, I am sorry for the very delayed response. I enjoyed reading your comment very much and appreciate you taking the time to go through my work and write a constructive comment 🙂 I really like the idea of showing someone reading at a window. If I make another illustrative quote in the future I will definitely pur more thought into connecting the illustration and the text itself.


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